Question: What Health Insurance Pays For Gym Membership?

Gym memberships & fitness programs

You pay 100% for non-covered services, including gym memberships and fitness programs.

Gym memberships or fitness programs may be part of the extra coverage offered by Medicare Advantage Plans, other Medicare health plans, or Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans.

Which health insurance covers gym membership?

Many major insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30 percent on monthly fees on select gyms. Employers often offer discounts on gym memberships, as well — some offer $250 per year reimbursements. So check with your benefits department. Medicare and Medicaid began covering weight-loss surgery five years ago.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield pay for gym memberships?

BCBS Pays $150 for Gym Memberships. As part of my Blue Cross/Blue Shield health coverage, I get reimbursed $150/year for gym membership fees as part of the Healthy Benefits Program (this is the link for MA). You can also get reimbursed for some weight loss programs like weight watchers as well.

Does Medicaid pay for gym membership?

As a result, many insurers cover gym memberships in one way or another. If you have Medicaid, gym membership may be covered depending on which state you live in. Most states do not offer it as a benefit, but a handful have experimented with behavior incentives.

Does United Healthcare pay for gym membership?

Administrative services provided by United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates. The fitness reimbursement program allows members to earn a credit of $20 per month – up to $240 per year for subscribers and enrolled spouses1– by working out at a contracted fitness center at least 12 times per month.