Quick Answer: Does Planet Fitness Have A Yearly Fee?

The annual membership fee is $39 a year.

Even once you account for the annual fee and signup fee, the Planet Fitness is affordable.

If you choose a $10 membership, pay a $29 sign-up fee and a $39 annual fee, your first-year cost is $188 – just $15.66 per month.

Does Planet Fitness have a commitment?

Planet Fitness advertises a low $10 a month membership fee and a “no commitment” promise, meaning that members can cancel at any time.

Does Planet Fitness waive annual fee?

The Planet Fitness Billing Agreement

At most Planet Fitness locations, new members pay a registration or start-up fee, ranging from just $1.00 to up to $29.00. For Black Card members, start-up fees are often waived or significantly reduced. Some locations bill all members the annual fee at the same time each year.

Does Planet Fitness do day passes?

Prices vary by location, but start as low as $17 a month, plus a membership fee. Planet Fitness, a huge discount chain with 1,200 locations , always offers a free day pass along with $10 a month memberships. No matter which plan you pick, there is a $39 annual membership fee, so be wary of that.

Can you pay cash at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness. When you can use cash: Cash can be used when paying for enrollment fee, but a bank account is required on file for monthly payments.