Question: Can I Go To Any Planet Fitness With My Membership?

You get access to your home club, plus free fitness training.

That’s it.

Upgrading to the Black Card membership comes with a few more perks.

You can use your membership at any Planet Fitness location, for one, and are allowed to bring a guest for free.

Does Planet Fitness do day passes?

Prices vary by location, but start as low as $17 a month, plus a membership fee. Planet Fitness, a huge discount chain with 1,200 locations , always offers a free day pass along with $10 a month memberships. No matter which plan you pick, there is a $39 annual membership fee, so be wary of that.

Does Planet Fitness have a dress code?

UPDATE: A Planet Fitness representative reached out to clarify the gym’s dress code. “All gyms are required to have signage on the wall that states the policy,” the representative wrote in an email, “which is that jeans, boots, sandals, or string tank tops (men’s muscle T-shirts) are not allowed.

How do I change my Planet Fitness membership?

Your Planet Fitness Account

  • Log In. Log in to your account to update your personal information, review your membership agreement, or update your billing.
  • Upgrade. You’re just a few clicks away from using any of our 1,400+ locations, guest privileges, massage chairs, and more!
  • Transfer.
  • Customer Service.
  • Membership Discounts.

Is there a cancellation fee for Planet Fitness?

It depends. If you have a Black Card Membership, it’s $58 to cancel within your 12 month contract. If your contract is up, you can cancel for free. If you are a Home Club Member, it’s free to cancel at any point because it’s not a contract membership.

Can I pay cash at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness. When you can use cash: Cash can be used when paying for enrollment fee, but a bank account is required on file for monthly payments.

Can guests use HydroMassage at Planet Fitness?

With the Black Card Membership you can bring one guest per visit so long as they provide photo ID on their initial visit. They can not use tanning etc, just the gym equipment.

Can you wear cut off shirts at Planet Fitness?

Your clothing should be kept to a modest style since both men and women use the club (there is no clarification of what modest means). No ragged clothing, cut-off, or cut-down shorts or pants, half-shirts, sandals, or curlers in the aerobic area.

Does Planet Fitness waive annual fee?

The Planet Fitness Billing Agreement

At most Planet Fitness locations, new members pay a registration or start-up fee, ranging from just $1.00 to up to $29.00. For Black Card members, start-up fees are often waived or significantly reduced. Some locations bill all members the annual fee at the same time each year.

Does Planet Fitness give free shirts?

Planet Fitness. All our members get a free T-shirt when they join Planet Fitness. Now you can help us choose our next giveaway shirt.